The Moccasin

The Moccasin is published annually by the LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA POETS and features only poems by members of the League of Minnesota Poets.

Annual membership dues are payable by January 1 each year to the Membership Chair. The Moccasin will not be sent until dues are paid.

Price of The Moccasin is $5.00 plus $1.25 postage. Copies may be ordered from The Moccasin Editor, Meredith R. Cook, 427 N. Gorman St., Blue Earth, MN 56013. Make checks payable to: The League of Minnesota Poets. Back issues are available while supplies last for the following prices plus postage: 2008-Present, $5.00 each; 2000-2007, $4.00 each; 1990-1999, $1.00 each.

EDITOR: Meredith R. Cook

Copyright The League of Minnesota Poets
Be a Patron of the Arts! Be a patron for an issue of the Moccasin. Please send checks to the League Treasurer if you would like to donate. Any amount is welcome and will be acknowledged. Thank you to past patrons and those who purchase extra copies of The Moccasin; this helps ensure future issues can be published.

Submitting to the Mocassin

SEND POEMS! Keep at least six poems on file with the editor. Vary the subject matter, form, length, and width; keep quality strong. Very short strong poems are especially desirable, especially 8 lines and under.

  • There is a 24-line maximum limit for all poems that are not NFSPS contest prize winners.
  • Do not put more than one poem on a page.
  • Do not type on the front and back of the same page.
  • Use 8-1/2 inch x 11-inch paper.
  • Type or print your submissions.
  • All poems except haiku and senryu must have titles.
  • Proofread your work carefully.
  • Check your spelling, especially hyphenated words.
  • Check that your name and phone number are on the poem.
  • Check that your subject and verb agree and your tense remains consistent.
  • Do not use inversions or archaic language.

If you intend to punctuate a poem unconventionally, send with it a statement that you are doing so on purpose and what effect you are striving for in doing so. Otherwise the editor may assume it is inadvertent and conventionally punctuate the poem. Remember, this is your magazine, and strive to make it as fine as possible. If you want to use your whole book of poetry as your submission, please include $1.00 for every 20 pages for photocopying costs. Keep the Moccasin editor and the League’s corresponding secretary informed of loss of loved ones and of changes of address.

FINAL DEADLINE for submission to this year’s Moccasin is July 8, 2017 (postmark). (Deadline is always the second Saturday in July.)

While The Moccasin accepts previously published poetry, we only list credits for previous publication for the NFSPS contest winners and poems published in other magazines and anthologies. This is done to encourage participation in NFSPS contests and to show members the kinds of poetry that win and are being published. The Moccasin prints up to three NFSPS contest prize-winning poems by any given member per issue/year.